Troutlodge Marine operates a number of facilities in order to meet our growing production demands and to maximize the quality of our products, including eggs, juveniles, and food fish.  We currently have production sites in Washington, Hawaii, and Florida.  Please explore the links below to learn more about each of these facilities and how they are designed so that we can serve you best.  

Brinnon, Washington

Brinnon is home to our sablefish broodstock and juvenile rearing facilities, and it is here that we have produced two commerical runs of high-quality sablefish juveniles.  This site, established in 2009, sits alongside the Hood Canal, where it utilizes cold seawater pumped from the depths of the canal. 


A look at the renowned Kona coast.  This photo is taken along the shores of the NELHA facility, which Kona Marine Farms of Kona proudly calls home.

Kona, Hawaii

Troutlodge Marine Farms of Kona is located along the beautiful Kona coast of Hawaii's Big Island. Here, atop the hardened lava beds, we are able to farm both warm and cold water species in this tropical environment, thanks to the unique set-up at the NELHA facility where the farm is situated.


Pictured from left to right are Troutlodge Marine’s Marcell Carvalho (biologist), Fabricio Bueno (General Manager), and Valerio Vitalini (biologist).

Vero Beach, Florida

Troutlodge Marine Farms has operations along the Atlantic coast in Vero Beach, Florida. Within our two facilities in Vero Beach, we work primarily with cobia , focusing on the production and sale of high-quality eggs and juveniles for on-growing farms throughout the Americas. In addition, we also work with Florida pompano, as well as a variety of marine ornamental species through our Proaquatix division.


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