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12.03.07 - Troutlodge reaches agreement to purchase Glen Wyllin Trout Farm

Troutlodge, Inc. expands its egg production operations into Europe with the purchase of a broodstock facility on the Isle of Man. Troutlodge, Inc. – the world’s leading supplier of eyed salmonid eggs – has signed a purchase agreement with Glen Wyllin Trout Hatchery, providing the company with its first production site in Europe.

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07.13.07 - Troutlodge Expands into Commercial Marine Aquaculture

Troutlodge, Inc. expands into commercial marine aquaculture with the purchase of Unlimited Aquaculture LLC. Marine Aqua, a Washington limited liability company formed by the owners of Troutlodge, Inc., has purchased Unlimited Aquaculture LLC (UA). UA was founded in 2004 by Don MacQuarrie and Ian Shand to produce sablefish and halibut in a land-based marine environment at the NELHA facility in Kona, Hawaii. With the purchase, Marine Aqua will expand upon the work of its predecessors, seeking to commercially develop coldwater marine finfish for both food and enhancement purposes. Its long-term goals also include the production and sale of high-quality marine fish juveniles to service the growing marine aquaculture industry.

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