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10.10.12 - Troulodge Chile obtains GlobalGAP certification for production of Atlantic salmon eggs

During the month of September, Troutlodge Chile, located in the commune of Curarrehue (Araucania Region) obtained Global GAP certification for the production of Atlantic salmon eggs from its Catripulli facility.  Visit the link below to learn more (in Spanish).

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08.30.12 - Troutlodge & Target Marine sign Coho salmon egg distribution agreement

Troutlodge, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of eyed salmonid eggs, recently signed an agreement with Target Marine in which Troutlodge will become the exclusive sales agent for Target’s production of all-female Coho salmon eggs (O. kisutch).  Target Marine and Troutlodge have decided to work together in order to take advantage of Target’s ability to produce all-female Coho Salmon eggs and Troutlodge’s vast global customer base. 

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06.02.12 - Proaquatix featured on PureOcean TV (video)

Proaquatix is a Florida marine fish farm breeding a wide variety of tropical species such as clownfish, gobies, dottybacks, fangblennies, cardinals, lookdowns, and large game fish. PureOceanTV talks with David Burguet of Proaquatix for this video tour.  Click on the link below to watch the video.

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