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Fish Farmer Magazine
This bi-monthly magazine, published by Special Publications of the United Kingdom, focuses on issues important to the global aquaculture industry, with a particular focus on the UK and the rest of Europe. In addition, their website provides daily coverage to the industry's most important breaking news.

Fish Farming International
Fish Farming International is read by decision makers working in every aspect of aquaculture. Many are fish farm owners and operators; others are involved in research, engineering, farm equipment supply, feed manufacturing, fish health, processing, education, administration and governmental bodies. For three decades Fish Farming International has reported on the global developments made in aquaculture. The industry has seen the paper grow to become its authoritative monthly trade newspaper. It is this experience, combined with a commitment to expansion, which gives the journal a unique position in the market.

Hatchery International
Hatchery International is the only magazine focused exclusively on the early rearing (hatchery) side of the aquaculture industry, fisheries enhancement and recirculation technology. Six times a year we offer our readers the latest technical articles, product information, news and research from around the world.

Northern Aquaculture
Northern Aquaculture is a bi-monthly trade publication devoted to the growth of a strong, economically viable and environmentally conscious cold water aquaculture industry in North America. It covers the latest news in finfish and shellfish culture from both coasts as well as the central regions of North America. Species covered include salmon, trout, arctic charr, halibut and shellfish.

Troutlodge Marine

NOAA Manchester Research Station
NOAA / National Fisheries Science Center
The Northwest Fisheries Science Centerís Manchester Research Station is at the forefront of research on captive rearing, disease control, hatchery technology, fish genetics and fish identification for both Pacific salmon and marine groundfish.

Proaquatix: The Aquacultured Aquarium
Proaquatix is a wholesale aquarium fish supplier located in Vero Beach, Florida. We are dedicated to offering a steady supply of a wide variety of marine ornamental species through aquaculture. Our research and development approach drives us in a relentless search for solutions in raising an ever-expanding number of cultured marine ornamental fish.

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