Eggs & Juveniles
Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus)

Quick Facts

Availability: Year-round, see below for details
Pricing: Available upon request, depends on order volume, frequency, and current demand
Shipped from: Orlando and Miami International Airports
Ideal grow-out temperature (range): 25-30°C
Salinity (range): 0-50 ppm
Key characteristics:

  • Extremely valuable food fish
  • Fast growth
  • Great versatility in grow-out conditions
  • Good feed conversions
  • Tolerate wide range of salinity (0-50 ppm)

Product Description

Troutlodge Marine and our predecessors have been working with Florida pompano for over a decade, and have developed a very consistent supply of the highest-quality eggs and juveniles of this high-value marine species. We currently have a capacity for several million eggs per year, as well as approximately 1 million juveniles. The juveniles can be supplied at any size, starting at ~0.33 grams. These eggs and juveniles are produced at our Vero Beach, Florida marine hatchery.

Eggs and juveniles are currently produced from both wild caught and F1 broodstock, with F2 broodstock soon to spawn for the first time. Eggs are readily available "in-season" from November-June, and "off-season" eggs are also available upon request with sufficient advance notice of need.

Juvenile and adult pompano tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, including low levels of dissolved oxygen (≥ mg/L) and salinities ranging from 0-50 ppt. Pompano are a warm water species, with 25-30°C (77-86°F) being the ideal temperature range for juvenile growth. Juveniles can thrive in temperatures as high as 34°C (93°F), while significant mortalities will occur in colder temperatures (≤12°C / 53°F). These fish have been grown to market size in tanks, floating cages, and ponds. Commercial farming of this species is still very limited, despite the great versatility of this fish and the tremendous market demand that exists.

This strong market demand is because Florida pompano is a prized food fish, particularly in the coastal regions of the southeastern United States, where commercial fisheries have created a large demand for these fish in the seafood markets. Pompano are a deep, thin-bodied fish that is silver with green to grey dorsal and yellow ventral surfaces, and are prized for their mild flavor and flakey texture. The commercial catches of this fish are small and relatively unpredictable, which in turn means that the supply rarely meets the market demand. This results in very good market prices, higher than the prices for most other warm water marine species.

In an effort to capitalize on the high prices created by this shortfall in demand, research has been ongoing for many years to develop sustainable aquaculture practices for the production and sale of Florida pompano. Troutlodge Marine and our predecessors have been a leader in this research and development work, and we look forward to supplying you with the highest-quality Florida pompano eggs and juveniles. We encourage you to contact us today to determine if this fish could present the right opportunity for your farming operations.

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