Photo Gallery

Our Fish

We work with a number of high-value marine species, both from the warm and cold water environments. Below, please find photos of the many marine species that we are currently working with, whether in the research & development stage or in the commercial stage. This includes many beautiful ornamental species that we produce and sell through our Proaquatix division.

Brinnon, Washington

Here we house our sablefish broodstock, as well as produce commercial runs of sablefish juveniles using the latest in marine finfish hatchery technologies and expertise.

Vero Beach, Florida

Located along Florida's Atlantic coast, these facilities focus on tropical marine species, including cobia, Florida pompano, and a variety of marine ornamentals.

Kona, Hawaii

Located along the beautiful Kona coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, these facilities utilize deep ocean sea water to farm both warm and cold water marine species.

Big Island Butterfish

Big Island Butterfish is a product of Troutlodge Marine Farms of Kona. This fish, known also as sablefish or black cod, is a prized food fish throughout the Pacific Rim, particularly in Hawaii and Japan, for its pearly white flesh, large velvety flakes and sweet, rich flavor.

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