Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Troutlodge Marine Farms and our products and services. We hope this information helps, but if you have any further questions, please contact us at any time.

What species do you work with?

We work in both warm and cold water marine finfish species. This work includes development and commecialization of marine eggs and juveniles, as well as food fish.  In Washington, we work with sablefish (black cod, butterfish).  In Hawaii, we currently work with sablefish and moi. In Florida, we work with cobia and Florida pompano, as well as with a variety of marine ornamental species through our Proaquatix division.  

We maintain our own marine finfish broodstock, but would like assistance with a genetics program. Do you offer these services?

Yes. We are very interested in partnering with you as genetics consultants for your broodstock operations. This partnership can take on a variety of forms, and all depends on your needs. We possess proven capabilities in both quantitative and molecular genetics methodologies and technologies. Please contact us today to learn more about these services.

Why did Troutlodge decide to expand into marine finfish aquaculture?

Troutlodge expanded into marine finfish aquaculture in order to diversify our product offerings and to leverage our expertise in fish husbandry, genetics, and breeding into the young and growing marine aquaculture industry. We see this as a great opportunity to become leaders in marine aquaculture, just as we have established ourselves as the world's leader in salmonid egg production.

How do I order products from Troutlodge Marine Farms?

Please use the Contact form on the website to contact us regarding your needs. The appropriate person from Troutlodge Marine will then contact you to discuss your needs and find out how we can best serve you. Please be sure to order early, as demand currently outpaces supply of many of our products, whether eggs, juveniles, or food fish.

I want to order ornamental fish from Proaquatix. How do I get in touch with them?

You can visit them on the web at or contact Eric Wagner by email.

What species do you current sell eggs & juveniles for?

We currently have eggs and juveniles available for sablefish from our Brinnon, Washington facilities; cobia and Florida pompano from our Vero Beach, Florida facilities; and moi from our Kona, Hawaii facilities.

When are eggs and juveniles available, and in what quantities?

Availability depends on the species. Cobia eggs and juveniles are available year-round, and the total production of cobia eggs is currently several million and the production of cobia juveniles equals nearly 800,000 per year. Florida pompano are "in-season" from November-June, but "out of season" eggs are also available upon request with sufficient advance notice. We currently produce several million eggs, and have a capacity for ~1 million juveniles per year. Moi eggs and juveniles are available periodically throughout the year, in quantities that can surely meet your demands.

Are there standard health requirements for marine species? What health certifications do you provide for the eggs and juveniles that you supply?

We are currently actively working with regulatory and government entities to develop appropriate certification standards for marine finfish trade.

Are you working on commercializing any other species?

We are currently in the process of identifying new warm or cold water high-value finfish species to work with.

How are eggs and juveniles packaged and shipped?

Eggs and juveniles are shipped FOB Troutlodge Marine Farms via the quickest and safest air freight route. We will pack the shipment or allow you to come and pack the shipment yourself if you prefer.

When do you have Big Island Butterfish available?

Big Island Butterfish is available year-round, but in very limited quantities at this please make your order requests early. We are working to increase inventories as soon as possible in order to meet the tremendous demand for this product.

When do you have Moi available as food fish?

Moi are available year-round, but quantities are limited. Please contact us today to learn more or to reserve your order.

Do you only sell food fish in Hawaii, or to points beyond?

Currently, we are only selling in Hawaii, as this local market is able to absorb all of our current production. However, as production volumes increase, we will be looking to expand our markets outside of Hawaii, and we invite you to contact us today about a possible future supply.

How do I purchase food fish from Troutlodge Marine Farms?

Please contact Jim Parsons by email to learn more about availability and pricing and to place an order.

Do you produce food fish only at your Kona facilities, or also in Florida?

Food fish are only produced in Kona. The Florida facilities are fully dedicated to the production of eggs and juveniles for on-growing farms. If you are interested in purchasing harvested cobia or Florida pompano, please contact us and we will refer you to our customers who are doing the on-growing of these species.
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