It is Troutlodge Marine's mission "To be a reliable and value-adding partner to the global marine finfish industry by being its premier geneticist and seed stock supplier." Thus, Troutlodge Marine is involved in the research, development, and commercialization of a variety of warm and cold water marine species. Please explore below to learn more about our various product offerings, including eggs and juveniles, food fish, and wholesale marine ornamentals.

Fertilized sablefish eggs seen under a microscope.

Eggs & Juveniles

Troutlodge Marine focuses on the supply of the highest quality genetic material for the global marine aquaculture industry. We are currently in various stages of research, development, and commercialization of eggs and juveniles of a number of warm and cold water species.  We invite you to explore this link to learn more about each of our product offerings, including cobia, sablefish, moi, Florida pompano, and more.


Preparation by Chef Mark Tsuchiyama of the Kona Village Resort

Big Island Cultured Food Fish

Troutlodge Marine Farms of Kona is proud to offer cultured Moi to the finest chefs and restaurants throughout Hawaii. Please visit this link to learn more about these terrific offerings and how you can enjoy these fish that have garnered such esteemed culinary acclaim.


Ocellaris Anemonefish - Available from Proaquatix (our marine ornamental division)

Marine Ornamentals

Through our Proaquatix division, we are involved in the production and sale of a variety of marine ornamental species on a wholesale level. Please visit this link to learn more and find a link to the website for Proaquatix :: The Aquacultured Aquarium.


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