Welcome from the
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Greetings to those interested in Troutlodge Marine.

Please let us introduce ourselves. We are the Board of Directors of the Troutlodge family of companies. Our names are Jim Barfoot, Steve Brown, Ken Gohrick, John Hodder, Jim Parsons, Greg Pelland, and Dave Radcliffe. We bring to the Board a variety of backgrounds, and it is our hope that this blend of experiences and skills will enable us to lead Troutlodge as it continues to serve as a leader in the global aquaculture sector.

One thing we as a Board have in common is our strong commitment to Troutlodge Marine and its worldwide customers. Troutlodge has been providing the world's finest trout and salmon eggs for over 65 years, a history of which we are proud to be a part. This dedication to quality also applies to our newer Marine Division, where we likewise plan to use our expertise in fish husbandry, genetics, and breeding to become the marine aquaculture industry's premier seedstock supplier.

Since 1945, Troutlodge has been an innovative leader in the salmonid industry, pioneering products and technologies that have been at the forefront of the industry's growth. Troutlodge Marine will continue this commitment to innovation, as we work with emerging marine species such as sablefish, seriola, cobia, and moi.

As a Board, we also recognize our duty to always be moving toward sustainability, as we recognize the vital role that the environment plays in the long-term success of aquaculture. We have empowered management to use the resources needed to explore and implement an ever-greater environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility. Current efforts include such initiatives as the processing and re-use of fish flesh and a sustainable energy project using water flow.

Troutlodge Marine is a vibrant enterprise with employees at all levels that are committed to our mission. We are proud to be part of its continuing success, and we invite you to allow Troutlodge Marine to partner with you as you seek to maximize your business potential.

With warm regards,

Jim Barfoot, Steve Brown, Ken Gohrick, John Hodder, Jim Parsons, Greg Pelland, and Dave Radcliffe

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