Eggs & Juveniles
Moi (Polydactylus sexfilis)

Quick Facts

Availability: Year-round (eggs and juveniles)
Pricing: Available upon request, depends on order volume, frequency, and current demand
Shipped from: Kona, Hawaii
Ideal grow-out temperature (range): 25-28°C
Ideal salinity: >20 ppm
Key characteristics:

  • Very fast growth (6-8 months to harvest)
  • Flavorful white flesh with great culinary versatility
  • Good feed conversions
  • Flexible and sustainable dietary requirements
  • Growth in warm water

Product Description

Moi is the local Hawaiian name given to a warm water reef species known to others as Pacific threadfin (Polydactylus sexfilis). Also, thanks to the fact that it was once a fish reserved only for the local royalty, moi is known to many as the ali'I fish, or "Fish of the Kings." Moi are only found in the waters off the coast of Hawaii, and it is here that Troutlodge Marine works with this white-meat fish known to chefs and consumers for being healthy, versatile, and flavorful.

Troutlodge Marine Farms has been working with moi since shortly after establishing our presence in Kona. We maintain our own selected broodstock, from which we produce eggs and juveniles for sale to on-growing farms, as well as for our own production of moi for the local food markets. Please click here to learn more about our offerings of moi to the food markets.  Eggs and juveniles are available periodically throughout the year, so please contact us today to learn more about a potential supply for your farm. 

Moi is a warm water marine species known for its fast growth (6-8 months to market size) and excellent survivability in culture systems (generally 95% or better). In terms of their culture environment, moi should be maintained at a dissolved oxygen level of above 5.0 ppm and a salinity of great than 20 ppt.

These fish are currently grown both in land-based marine farms and in modern, open ocean cage systems, though their place in aquaculture actually dates back centuries. Moi was farmed as early as the early 19th century in traditional Hawaiian fish ponds, or loko, along the Hawaiian coast. Some pond culture still remains to this day.

It is our goal to continue the rich tradition of moi aquaculture in Hawaii by developing a supply of genetically-superior eggs and juveniles for the evolving moi aquaculture industry in Hawaii and beyond. Please contact us today to learn more about our supply of moi eggs and juveniles for your on-growing operations. Chefs, please click here to learn more about our food fish offerings of moi and other species.

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